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Beginners class to be added to our regular class schedule

Posted 11/5/2015

New Class offering gives new students an answer to the age old question of: "When is a good time for me to start class?"

One question we receive often is when is a good time to start class. 

In the past this has been something that we encouraged people to start whenever they want to and we will take them aside and teach them basics, and though this is not changing, we are adding something new to our monthly class offerings. 

Beginning in November of 2015 the UCSA will start holding a intro to Historical swordsmanship class where we will be covering the basics that we teach in the UCSA as well as providing those who are interested in great time to check out what we do and what we teach in class. 

Though we are beginning this in November we will continue this practice the first week of every month except October and April when we hold our annual group competitions. This does not mean that the only time we will take new students are these months, but it does mean that these are the times we will be going over the basics as a class and as such a great time to join class and get a brief overview of our class, who we are, and what we do. 


-Jordan Hinckley 


We are now meeting on Saturdays from 1-3, and Thursdays from 7-9 PM at Crossfit Spearhead 4540 S Highland Dr, Holladay, UT 84117  

We hold a beginners class from 12-1:30 every Saturday and during the Thursday class from 7-9 PM for 4 weeks. The cost for the beginners class is $30 for the 4 weeks. You can Preregister for this course here:


Jordan Hinckley 


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